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More early childhood education seats at Selkirk College

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January 20th, 2022

New Democrat MLAs Brittny Anderson and Katrine Conroy say new early childhood education seats at Selkirk College will train more childcare workers, helping make childcare more accessible to families.

“Early Childhood Educators are the workforce behind the workforce,” said MLA Anderson.

“We’re supporting Selkirk’s expansion so that these incredible people have all the tools they need to make sure that Kootenay kids are safe and nurtured during their important formative years.”

 Selkirk College is receiving funding for 14 additional seats in the ECE program, for a combined total of 147 new seats at eight institutions province wide. The new ECE seats include full and part-time studies, online learning, and specialty programs in Indigenous community-based delivery, infant and toddler, and special needs.

“Families across the Kootenays are taking advantage of our newly created childcare spaces,” said MLA Conroy. “We rely so much on our incredible Early Childhood Educators to nurture our kids during these times, and Selkirk is adding even more spaces to their program so that there are enough staff at every childcare centre for years to come.”

The Early Childhood Care and Education Program at Selkirk College is delivered entirely online, making it more accessible to students in rural and remote areas.

New Democrats are committed to bringing affordable, quality, inclusive childcare to families throughout the province.

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