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Kootenay Lake Fishing Report

By Contributor
January 14th, 2022

Happy New Year Everyone!!

Congratulations for making it through another crazy year.

We were lucky enough to have lots of support from our locals to help keep us in business, and for that we are thankful.

Here’s the latest fishing report:

Kootenay Lake

December was a weird month.  Lots of wind, lots of temperature changes, but we still managed to get out there.

A couple more corporate trips to end the year, and a bunch of family outings as well.  We did actually re-schedule a few trips that were supposed to happen in between Christmas and New Years, because of the deepfreeze temperatures that week.

Lucky for us, the weather warmed up the following week and we were able to get the groups out before leaving town.

The fishing has slowed a bit, as we are now in cold water season.  But, some of our days have been pretty productive.  It seems like the fish will feed heavily on one day, but then don’t have to eat for a few days.  So, we’ve been having one excellent day of fishing, and then a few average days of fishing.

On the good days, we’ve hooked into more than a dozen fish.  And on the other days it’s been more like 3 – 6 fish.

Either way, it’s a great way to escape the winter doldrums.

Some fat Rainbows up to 5 pounds and a few good Bull Trout up to 10 pounds have been coming in lately.

We expect to see some bigger Bulls throughout the next couple months, as they like to stack up in certain areas where we find the feed.

With warm temperatures forecasted for the next little while, we are looking forward to spending a lot more days on the lake.

Stay tuned…..

What they are biting on??

Here’s the trick:  The water has cooled to 40 degrees.  It’s time to slow down your presentation.

We have been catching on a mixed bag of Buck tail flies and/or Gibbs/Delta spoons.  The magic flies have been lucky numbers 202, 207, 221, 222 (or Lux Flies #02, 07,21, 22).  And the lucky spoons have been the usual Brass/fire stripe or Brass/fire wing croc for Rainbows.

And for the Bull Trout, we have been catching on the Gibbs/Delta Lemon lime flasher with  a green spatterback hoochie.  Magic depths have been between 101 and 163 feet.

Hope this helps with your next adventure

Salmon/Halibut season 2022

We are already looking forward to this upcoming season.  If it’s anything like last year, we are in for a treat.

We have finalized most of our dates for this summer with many returning guests.  Keep an eye out for the final confirmation emails and deposit requests coming up soon.

There may be a couple dates left to fill, or we can get you on another boat if you still haven’t planned your trip.

Drop us a line if you need a hand with arrangements.

Here’s to an amazing up coming year.

Tight lines……….

Kerry Reed, Reel Adventures Sportfishing

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