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City of Nelson moves to Stage 3 Water Restrictions

The Nelson Daily Staff
By The Nelson Daily Staff
July 22nd, 2021

The City of Nelson has implemented Stage 3 Water Restrictions throughout the city, beginning immediately.

City staff said on that should the restriction stage change, a notice will be sent out via our City of Nelson Facebook page and published on our Water and Public Notice pages on the City website.

The city distributes water to all Nelson neighbourhoods except for the North Shore.

During Stage 3 Water Restrictions watering lawns, trees, shrubs or vegetable and flower gardens using a sprinkler or irrigations systems are NOT permitted within the city.

However, watering trees, shrubs or vegetable or flower gardens is permitted using a hand-held container, a hose with a shut off nozzle or drip irrigation system is permitted on any day between between the hours of 4 a.m. to 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Also during Stage 3 Water Restrictions washing sidewalks, driveways parking lots, exterior building surfaces and exterior windows; washing personal vehicles, filling fountains, pools, hot tubs or garden ponds; and watering new sod or grass outside permitted restrictions is NOT permitted.

The primary water source for the City of Nelson is Five Mile Creek, located in the West Arm Wilderness Park, beyond Svoboda town site in Upper Fairview.

The city also has secondary seasonal sources at Anderson Creek in Fairview and Selous Creek at Ymir Road.

Creek source intake structures consist of a diversion dam, a screen assembly, and electro-mechanical valves.

For more information check out the City of Nelson website to view the Mandatory Water Conservation Measures page

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