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Nelson Hydro Vegetation Management Best Practices

By Contributor
May 2nd, 2021

Neal Dermody, Operations and Line Crew Manager for Nelson Hydro presented Vegetation Management Best Practices to Mayor and Council during a recent Committee of the Whole Meeting.

In the presentation, Dermody highlighted Nelson Hydro’s proactive and consultative approach to managing vegetation around its lines and structures and use of industry accepted best practices in its vegetation management program.

Nelson Hydro staff will consult with landowners and work to engage with the community when making vegetation management decisions.  

Extra care and consideration is taken with regards to the environment and possible impacts to water quality, terrain stability, soil sensitivity and invasive species when developing our vegetation prescriptions.  This also includes best management practices around nesting and breeding birds.

Private property owners are encouraged to maintain vegetation that could impact Nelson Hydro infrastructure.

Nelson Hydro has developed a short video and infographic regarding vegetation management best practices for the public to help them in managing their own vegetation.

Please visit the Nelson Hydro website for answers to questions about vegetation management practices.


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