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Letter: When will we learn?

Letters to the editor
By Letters to the editor
February 11th, 2021

To The Editor:

When will we learn? 

The caribou in our area continue to be threatened by Timber Sales Licenses in their habitat.

Locally, we have already lost herds due to human encroachment on their territory. Why would we continue?

There are 14 cut blocks currently proposed around the North End of our Lake…Glacier Creek, Lost Creek, Duncan Lake, and also on the East Shore, Crawford Creek. Caribou have been tracked in this area.

We should be protecting the habitat for the Caribou and the other species that are depending on that healthy ecosystem. These caribou are at risk and need connectivity to range.

Public consultation and feedback on this plan is only being accepted for until mid-February. You can contact BC Timber Sales at 250.825.1100 and submit your comments in to BCTS, 1907 Ridgewood Rd., Nelson, BC V1L 6K1, email

I encourage you to speak up to protect this area, as we need to change how we look at our forest resources. We need to see them as habitat, and manage our resource extraction in a more sustainable, value-added way.


Romany Watt Osecki, Nelson, BC

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