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Letter: Time for BC Government to show some integrity

Letters to the editor
By Letters to the editor
February 16th, 2021

To The Editor:

The new NDP majority government campaigned on an election promise to implement all 14 of the old growth review panel recommendations, which was received in April.

One of those recommendations was to ban logging in at-risk old growth forests within 6 months. These deferrals are overdue – they should have been implemented by the end of October at the latest. While the government delays, irreplaceable old growth forests are being logged and permanently lost.

Productive old growth forests – where big, old trees are found – now make up less than 1% of forests in BC. Despite their rarity and importance, 75% of these old growth forests are unprotected and open to logging, and 99% of remaining, productive old growth forests were excluded from this announcement.

Old growth forests provide beauty, enjoyment and habitat and take hundreds of years to grow. Old-growth trees store carbon and help mitigate global warming and climate change.

It’s time for the BC government to show some integrity and to ban all logging in all at-risk old growth forests, before these irreplaceable forests are all logged and permanently lost.

Sandra Hartline, Nelson, BC

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