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Letter: Congrats on making room for other perspectives

Letters to the editor
By Letters to the editor
February 28th, 2021

To The Editor:

This is to commend (The Nelson Daily) for his article on the rallies across BC on Monday (February 22, 2021).

In an era in which freedom of speech and freedom of the press are increasingly rare phenomena, it is heartwarming to see a (online) newspaper that until now has mostly stuck to the mainstream narrative, making room for other perspectives.

It is crucial to inform the public of all sides of issues so we can make informed choices, and I am sure the article will reach some readers who otherwise would not have ventured to look for alternative sources. 

So thank you for your integrity and courage, and keep up the good work. 

If you intend to follow this line of enquiry further, I highly recommend searching out information about the inaccuracy of the (polymerase chain reaction) PCR test.

It would have been good if, towards the end of the article where you mentioned how many new cases there are in BC and the region, you had gone on to explain why cases do not equal infections and how these numbers are being used to justify continued lockdowns that are unnecessary.

You might want to begin by looking up the ruling in Portugal to the effect that the test is so inaccurate that it cannot be used as a basis for quarantine.

The Canadian press has kept this very quiet.

Lisa Ross, Kaslo, BC

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