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Sponsored: Kootenays Continue Innovating in Health and Wellness

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December 23rd, 2020

Artificial light has major negative effects on our sleep and energy levels, and our constant exposure to it is unnatural and is deteriorating our circadian rhythm.

VivaRays, a new local business based in Nelson, created the best junk light blockers on the market considering the human natural rhythm and sustainability factors to live in harmony with our environment.

Their mission is to educate people about ways to live in harmony with their circadian rhythm and experience real quality sleep, energized mornings, as well as sustainable energy levels throughout the day.

Roudy, one of the co-founders, lived as a night owl for a long time. He struggled with depression and chronic fatigue.  He saw many therapists, nutritionists, herbalists, tried meditation, sleep music…etc., but nothing really helped! Until one day, Roudy and his partner Rose started learning about light and how it affects our mental health and sleep.

Dr Jack Kruze, one of their mentors says: “The right type of light can heal you and the wrong type of light can make you ill, depressed and obese”.

From there, the young entrepreneurs started studying the subject deeply, and experimented with blue light blockers from Amazon to help them have healthier light.

After testing all the glasses on the market, they found out that many glasses have been created to block only a small portion of blue light, without any testing, and none of them took in consideration all the other factors that affect a healthy rhythm, such as green light, clinically tested dyes, and the proper light transmittance through the lenses.

After a long journey of intensive research and learning about light and circadian rhythm, the young passionate couple then decided to create their business called VivaRays to share about their knowledge and the importance of having proper darkness as night as well as natural full spectrum lighting during the day.

Vivarays is now launching, here in the Kootenay, the #1 eco-friendly and most advanced premium quality and 100% ecofriendly junk light blocking glasses on the market, developed with the help of the world-leading experts in optics, light science and circadian rhythm research.

Vivarays is the only company that has put together a valuable kit consisting of 3 different lens technologies, providing full protection all day long.

Proudly collaborating with the most carbon-neutral lens manufacturing facility in North America, operating from the beautiful mountains of Vernon, British Columbia, the lenses are made locally using geothermal and solar energy.

“With every lens we coat, we heat our house and building.”

Every frame comes from ethically sourced and responsibly managed forests, which are bound by the sustainable forestry management standards of the FSC certification.

Sleep is nature’s most precious gift, so how come most people don’t have access to it?

Getting out of our own way means allowing our healing bodily systems to come back to living in harmony with nature’s intelligence and rhythms, and at a foundational level, this means aligning our indoor light environment with the light outdoors.

Last but not least, Roudy and Rose say, “We truly envision a world where people don’t need to wear our lenses anymore because the whole light industry is circadian friendly, and people don’t need our glasses to be protected.”

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