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Letter: Thanks to Nelson's Canada Post Staff

Letters to the editor
By Letters to the editor
December 16th, 2020

To The Editor:

A very big thank you and warm energetic support to the hardworking Postal Workers at the Vernon Street branch (in Nelson).

The line goes down the block and the wait to mail out this morning was one hour, but luckily, I was dressed warmly and had brought a book with me.

They were working efficiently and as quickly as they could . . . were polite and organized, and one of the workers (manager)) came out into the line to see if there was any way she could help — took heavy packages inside to wait on the counter, etc.

I thought that was so kind.

The postal worker who ended up ringing me in said that all previous records have (naturally considering) have been shattered for outgoing mail.

I can only image how hard they are working, and how overwhelming it might be trying to get everyone’s holiday packages where they need to go.

And they even still have the Letters to Santa mailbox set up inside . . . my son will be happy to hear I was able to post his letter successfully.

I really appreciate how patient and polite everyone is, including the people in line with me.

Thank you, everyone!

If feels really good to know my packages of love have been mailed out and will bring joy when they are received . . . it was worth the wait in line.

Happy Holidays.

Anonymous Customer

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