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Statement from Snowpack owners regarding recent closure

By Contributor
November 28th, 2020

To Our Valued Customers:

Yes, Snowpack closed its doors on Wednesday (November 25th, 2020).

Snowpack found out a close person of a staff member tested positive for COVID-19.

Snowpack, worried and concerned, spoke with Interior Health and WorkSafeBC and we were told since none of the staff had symptoms that we could remain open and continue business as usual with the safety guidelines already in place —  safety guidelines Snowpack has followed from the start of COVID-19 pandemic.

Once hearing the positive test result from the person close to the staff member, Snowpack concerned, not only for staff, but also for customers and Nelson community, wanted to make sure everyone remained healthy and Snowpack was still providing a safe shopping environment.

Snowpack then felt it was necessary for the staff associated with this person to get tested.  

Thankfully, everyone tested negative.

Snowpack hired Ryan from Flex Dexx to perform a thorough disinfectant treatment of the store. Following the safety guidelines, Snowpack has gone above and beyond and thankfully our safety precautions have worked.

To keep the record straight, Snowpack did not have an outbreak, no staff was infected with COVID-19 and Snowpack was not told to shut down.

Snowpack chose to close its doors during a busy time of year — which is hard on small businesses struggling to survive in COVID-19 time — but we needed to feel confident in staying safe and doing our part to keep the virus from spreading in the Nelson community.

Snowpack loves the beautiful Nelson community and we will be re-opening on Saturday (November 28th).

Snowpack is thankful for our loyal customers.

Stay safe.

Jill and Lori, Owners Snowpack Outdoor Experience

333 Baker Street, Nelson, BC.

Snowpack owners Lori and Jill made the tough call of closing the store even though Interior Health and WorkSafeBC said since none of the staff had symptoms the Baker Street business could remain open and continue as usual with the safety guidelines already in place. Snowpack reopened Saturday, November 28th.

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