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MADD Nelson community leader launches campaign to prevent Impaired Driving during Holiday Season

By Contributor
November 23rd, 2020

MADD Nelson Community Leader launches their Project Red Ribbon campaign to promote sober driving throughout the upcoming holiday season. 

Red ribbons will be available at Urban Legends located at 533 Baker Street and Buddy’s Place located at 358 Baker Street for anyone in the community to come in and pick up their red ribbon. 

MADD Canada’s red ribbon and red ribbon car decals are symbols of a person’s commitment to drive safe and sober during the holiday season, and also serve as a powerful tribute to all those killed or injured in impaired driving crashes.  

While the usual parties and celebrations may be limited this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the holiday season is still a busy time on our roads and still a time of high risk for impaired driving.

MADD Nelsonis urging people to take a few minutes to plan ahead. If you’re going to be consuming alcohol, cannabis or other drugs, arrange a sober ride.

“Impaired driving crashes are 100% preventable,” said MADD Nelson Community Leader Pat Henman.

“If everyone does their part, make responsible choices and plans ahead for a sober ride home, we can prevent these heartbreaking and devastating deaths and injuries on our roads.”

Ms. Henman, who in 2013 was seriously injured in an impaired driving crash along with her daughter Maia, has written a book called Beyond the Legal Limit describing her and Maia’s journey from the day they were hit by an impaired driver to the day court ended. 

“Writing the book was one way for me to deal with my trauma but it is also a conduit for bringing awareness to stop the senseless heartache and damage created every day on our highways.”

Hundreds of Canadians are killed and thousands are injured due to alcohol and/or drug-related crashes every year. A few minutes spent planning a sober ride home could save lives and prevent injuries.

This year’s Project Red Ribbon materials share the story of Cassius Richards, whose life was cut short by an impaired driver in 2014.

You can see his story here:

“We are looking for more businesses who will have our red ribbons available at their location for people in our community to pick-up,” says Ms. Henman.  “If you would like a red ribbon box or would just like a red ribbon, please contact Pat Henman at”

Photo Caption: Cassius Richards had life was cut short by an impaired driver in 2014.

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