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Letter: Kootenay-Columbia MP mail out short sighted rhetoric

Letters to the editor
By Letters to the editor
November 30th, 2020

To The Editor:

The recent mail out by Kootenay-Columbia Conservative MP, Rob Morrison reeks of right wing short sighted rhetoric.

Appointed to O’Toole’s “shadow cabinet” for National Security, Morrison’s long winded propaganda flyer nowhere mentions the effects of environmental degradation on Canada’s national security.

Morrison has obviously not read the “Pentagon Papers” commissioned for former US Republican president G.W. Bush regarding American national security. The paper was a shock to American’s right wing power brokers.

It clearly concluded: in the next half century US security would be most challenged by degradation of the planets capacity to deal with pollution of earth, air and water. Resulting in a woman/man made environmental crisis.

This fancy smoke and mirror right wing flyer, not once mentions support for the scientific evidence that is unequivocal about what needs to be done to mitigate against the Truth of western democracy’s greed that consumes sanity and jeopardizes future generation’s well being.

The “clear unity crisis” R. Morrison rants about will apparently be corrected by the “resource industry” paying less taxes with little or no regulations to protect our common good, just richer corporations, ignoring common sense.

There is a “shadow” over Canada’s future generation: it is systemic racism and disregard for scientific based political leadership.

We currently suffer from a “virus” lock down that has turned our GNP inside out, forcing our political elite to return stolen middle class tax revenues, that R.Morrison and his party continue to advocate against.        

Tom Prior, Nelson, BC                           


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