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Caregiver Support Group for West Kootenay, Boundary residents

By Contributor
November 18th, 2020

West Kootenay Boundary (WKB) Caregiver Support is launching a six-week group open to friends and family that help someone 55+ living in the community. 

Caregiver support helps individuals by ‘caring for the caregiver’. This online group gives the chance for caregivers to connect with each other, explore health and well-being as well as organisation and techniques for caregiving.

Cara Bradley, Program Manager for WKB Caregiver Support says, “We are excited to offer this to our communities and the region. The group will allow caregivers to connect and learn in a time when that has become even more essential. People receive great benefit from a peer support group, more than they think’.

Conceived by Nelson & District Hospice Society, WKB Caregiver Support is funded by a grant from United Way of the Lower Mainland. It is one of many Caregiver Programs that have been funded by the Provincial government in response to the growing number of seniors. It is a companion program to Better at Home, which is run by Nelson CARES Society. 

The group will run Tuesday evenings from 6:30 to 8 p.m. for 6 weeks from November 10th – December 15th. 

It will be facilitated by Cara Bradley the from Nelson and Chelsea Van Koughnett from Kaslo, both WKB Caregiver Support staff.

To find out more information go to call toll free on 1-888-212-2337.



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