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Free Firesmart show for students learning at home

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April 30th, 2020

Live It is on the cutting edge of the digital classroom providing highly produced, interactive educational experiences…from sea to space.

On Thursday, April 30th, in partnership with the BC Wildfire Service, Live It will stream a FREE interactive and educational show called “Firesmart” for Grades 3 to 6 throughout British Columbia.

Teachers, parents and students will explore how wildfire spreads and how we can influence wildfire behavior with the Firesmart program. Experts from the BC Wildfire Service will be online answering students questions.

“This is the fifth week of a 10-week free series we’ve produced for families learning at home,” says Mike Irvine, Founder and CEO of Live It.

“The BC Wildfire Service have been working hard to get wildfire prevention information to communities, and we’re grateful to have this program as a part of our series.”

Based in BC, Live It is the only company in Canada that designs, produces, hosts & delivers cutting edge online educational content. They specialize in highly produced livestreamed programs that are accompanied by additional learning activities such as creative challenges, science experiments and games.

Their educational content follows the BC Curriculum, Inquiry-based learning and endeavours to integrate indigenous perspectives when possible.

The 11 a.m. PST, 20-minute show is free to everyone who registers. Educational content including creative challenges, science experiments and games are also provided. Teachers and parents can register for the 10-week series through the Live It website:

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