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Student exchange program offers adventure of lifetime

By Contributor
January 8th, 2020

“Explore the world together” is the motto for Exchange Families International, a unique student exchange program that matches children from different countries to spend up to a year together, six months in each home.

Families in Nelson will have the chance to learn more about the student exchange program Thursday, January 9 between 6:30-8 p.m. at the Prestige Lakeside Resort at 701 Lakeside Drive.

Exchange Families International focuses on the adventure of a lifetime for children as young as eifht years old and as old at 17. Children and families are handpicked and personally matched carefully because the key to success is finding families with similar interests and family dynamics. 

While abroad, the children attend school, engage in activities, and assume the life of a normal child in their new country.  This gives the student a well-rounded experience in a new culture while having the support of a familyand to ensure they thrive.  As both families care for each other’s children as theirs, families are invested in the program. During this process the families become close and friendships are formed, often lasting a lifetime! Students often say their exchange is a life-changing experience.

Once abroad children are fully immersed making it is the best and most natural way to learn any language. Many children who are in French immersion in Canada say that they truly start speaking French as a natural language once they are fully immersed. It is an amazing experience for children once they switch over to be fully committed to their  language making it easy for children with no language skills to become fluent in only six months. Learning a new language becomes fun and exciting and is absorbed effortlessly. Immersion works! It is the best and most natural way to learn any language. 

Exchange Families International are accepting applications from students to participate in exchanges as early as February 2020 to France, Spain and Germany. We are looking for the explorers of tomorrow who are ready to learn a foreign language and share an adventure!Applications and information can be found on our website:

Families are encouraged to learn more about our programs by coming to an information session or contact your local director Tabatha Webber at 1-250-231-4867

EFI provides the perfect combination of high-quality experiences with personal service. This support produces a positive experience and fluent children and many children return to do second and third exchanges. We are passionate believers that exchanges can make the world a better place . . . one exchange at a time.

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