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Letter: Shake up the system

Letters to the editor
By Letters to the editor
October 10th, 2019

To The Editor:

Open Letter to NDP and Green Party Senior Staffers,

Only when the NDP and the Greens Collaborate on strategic voting on a riding by riding basis, will I believe that principles are trumping partisanship. The science tells us that we are clearly at, or past irreversible tipping points re: the 6th great extinction. This is not rhetoric. We are already experiencing predicted weather events 50 years ahead of the so-conservative, IPCC modeling.

To the Green party, I say that I need to see you modeling that collaborative “climate cabinet” approach found in your platform.   Collaboration re: this critical issue, would also model the proportional representation which both parties promise . The “walk” needs to occur NOW, rather than after magically forming the next majority government with the perfect “talk”.

Unless this collaboration happens, the CPC is projected to clearly win in my Kootenay Columbia electoral district . Another election relying on our outmoded electoral system will dash what little faith may remain for our institutions and democracy. Please consider shaking up the system.   

Sincerely, Andre C. Piver MD, Harrop, BC

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