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Letter: Calling Rob Morrison

Letters to the editor
By Letters to the editor
October 28th, 2019

To The Editor:

The election results are in and I have a new representative in Ottawa – at least in theory.  I understand that (Kootenay Columbia Conservative MP) Mr. (Rob) Morrison represents his Party; but I’m not sure he does me. 

Well before the election, I posted questions regarding the CPC’s climate policy on two of Mr. Morrison’s Facebook pages: Rob Morrison for MP and Suits to Boots. 

My questions were never answered and I was eventually blocked from commenting on those sites.  I still have the same questions and now that Mr. Morrison is ‘officially’ my representative, I wonder how that relation will work. 

Once he has a constituency office address, I will try again – after all, he is my representative.

Regards,Ron Robinson, Nelson, BC

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