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Youth Host Free Screening of The Change Agents

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
July 7th, 2019

Nelson Area Fridays for the Futures group is inviting the public to Lakeside Park on July 14th at 8:30 p.m. for a free showing of The Change Agents.

Fridays for Future is a group of local youth that is part of the global youth strikes for climate action first inspired by Greta Thunberg. These youth may be on summer break from school, but none have taken a break from putting pressure on the government and organizing local events.

“Since it is summer, we have decided to not have a strike but instead have a fun, free community movie night,” said 16-year-old youth striker Jade Osecki in a media release.

“We hope everyone can come out and see this film whether you have seen it before or not”.

Fridays for Future chose The Change Agents because it is a movie made by L.V. Rogers students and members of our community in 2012 and has central themes of climate activism. Hauntingly, the movie predicts the future and what was once just the plot of a movie is now the reality of what Nelson youth are doing. 

“The Change Agents inspired me to get involved in the strike movement,” said Youth Striker Emily Taburiaux.

Taburiaux added by showing The Change Agents the youth hope to inspire other youth and community members to get involved in creating a more just and sustainable world.

“It is vital we take action now to stop the catastrophic effects of climate change before it is too late,” said Youth striker Jamie Hunter, 19. 

Wa-ya a youth striker from Kaslo who is helping to plan the movie night had a message he wanted to share:

“The world will only change once we have all come together to work together for the benefit of all living beings. We all live in an opportune point in time where our collective decisions could make or break the future of the world. We must all be on the same page before we can start the next chapter, and this movie night is one of many events that will bring us together and direct focus.”

Many of the Fridays for the Futures group were part of strikes staged by students in March and May urging governments to listen to the cause so that the world population can keep global warming below 1.5 degrees. Students are upset with leaders poor action to deal with climate change.

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