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Columbia Basin Community Foundations can help support kids' summer sports

By Contributor
June 24th, 2019

Organized sports in the summer are a great way to keep kids healthy and active outdoors. Community Foundations across the Columbia Basin region have various funds that support sports equipment, facilities, registration fees, and more.

Tina Choi, Executive Director of the Osprey Community Foundation in Nelson said that many Community Foundations have sports-related funds to which people can donate. 

“From bursaries and scholarships for local athletes attending post-secondary school to financial assistance for registration and equipment for the younger kids, there are lots of way to support your community’s love for recreation and sport,” she said. 

“Lots of us have memories of our time playing organized sports when we were kids, and we know that youth sport participation provides numerous health and social benefits,” Choi explained. “By giving to a sports-related fund inside your local Community Foundation, you’re keeping your money and its benefits close to home. 

Whether through an individual donation, bequest in a will, or more formal event, there are many ways to support youth sports through your Community Foundation.

“We’ve seen adult leagues hosting fundraising events that support a youth-oriented sports fund, and that’s a great way to help the next generation of active youth in our community. 

Community Foundations are registered charities that manage donations for a wide range of specific causes. Donors can give money in a variety of ways:

  • donating to existing funds that match their area of philanthropic interest
  • creating their own fund that in turn generates an ongoing donation to a charity of their choice
  • give an unrestricted gift that the Foundation will allocate to areas of greatest need and priority.

“Your local Community Foundation uses expert managers to create, pool and invest the funds, generating ongoing financial returns that get allocated each year,” Choi explained. “The donor gets the charitable tax receipt, we take care of all the administrative burden, and the hardworking charities and programs in the community receive much needed financial support.”

You can find your local Community Foundation by going here .

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