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Artistic fluidity and the Nelson Library

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March 22nd, 2019

Things get beautifully fluid at the Nelson Public Library when multi-media Winlaw artist Sherry Heyliger exhibits swirling celebrations of colour and movement. The exhibition is entitled Great & Small.

What began for Heyliger as nature-based therapy became “a whole new forum of expression that drove me deeper and deeper to my core,” she says in her artist statement. “I wanted to share this movement with others.”

Heyliger sees movement and magic in the everyday, inspired by her relationship with the natural world “in its minutiae and grandiosity; its richness, depth, clarity and simplicity,” she says. Since beginning painting a couple of years ago she has created more than 350 pieces.

Working with fluid mediums to create dreamlike abstracts, Heyliger has had her work showcased at The Women’s Art Museum of Canada, ARTBOX NYC, NDAC’s “Appetite for Art”, and Luna Nocturnal Art Festival, among others.  

The Library exhibition is comprised of six titled works, including the landscape-like “Mystic Wave,” and “Copper Constellation,” a large diptych with a singular effervescence. Both are created using alcohol ink, acrylic, mica, and resin on canvas.

Heyliger works with Ecopoxy, an environmentally friendly resin made in Canada. The media she uses are often mineral-based, “literally of the stars,” she says. “When the canvas is before me, I clear my thinking mind and let it all flow. Working with fluid mediums ensures I feel my way. It is a process of discovery.”

More information is available at Great & Small runs through March and April at the Nelson Public Library on Stanley Street.

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