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24-hour relay paddle aims to help Kootenay families arm wrestling with cancer

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March 31st, 2019

Cancer is a taker.

It wants everything from us – our health, our confidence, our families. And it is relentless.

Statistics say one in three people arm wrestle with cancer, but what about the other two people? Our job is to stand in the gap. Fill the void with love, compassion, and our ability to GO when our friends can’t. This is what the 24 is all about.

A team of eight paddlers will set out on April 13th for a paddleboard relay on Kootenay Lake in order to raise money to help local families arm wrestling with cancer. Team member Dianna, Elaine, James, Jodee, Kristy, Mo, Reta and Andras from the Western Kootenays will gather in Harrop to inspire their communities to not let life pass them by, have fun and raise money through micro-donations.

Where does the money go?

Their goal is to offer a breath of fresh air to families dealing with the wrecking ball of cancer. It is a chance for them to feel “normal” – even just for a minute. Team Kootenay will give out donations in $1000 increments to families in need and how it’s used is for the family to decide. This is not about research or finding a cure, this does not go to a charity. This is cash, in an envelope, put in the hands of folks who need it. It could help pay the utility bills, or buy some groceries, or maybe take the family away for a weekend to get a break from the chaos.

About the Monster and Sea 24

The 24 started in the early spring of 2015, when six people in Seattle, led by Troy Nebeker, did a relay paddle for 24 hours to raise some funds for families who were dealing with cancer. Their goal was to stuff five envelopes with $1000 each, and put those envelopes in the hands of people who were dealing with cancer and could use some help at a really tough time. Through generous donations and support, they blew past their goal and raised over $7000, helping seven families in the process.

Since the first year, the Monster and Sea became a grass-roots movement. By 2018, the event grew to 26 cities with multiple teams across the U.S and Canada and after all was said and done – as a collective group they raised $156,000.

This spring, on April 13/14 2019 – Team Kootenay will be joined by more than 40 teams across the US, Canada and the Cayman Islands. They will all gather together as a community to paddle and say to cancer — “You can’t take today. Today is ours.”

How to get involved

1. help families who are dealing with cancer

2. have fun

3. inspire people and communities to not to let life pass them by.

Get going — do the things you love.

To support the fundraising effort of Team Kootenay, please visit their GoFundme page and share their campaign with friends and neighbours.

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