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This year the Grinch did not steal Christmas

By Contributor
December 20th, 2018

The Cranbrook RCMP, along with the assistance of trusty dog Denim, was able to retrieve the stolen goods and put the suspect in jail.

Const. K.P. Forgeron of the Cranbrook RCMP explains how this was all done in a Christmas poem.

Every Cranbrookian down in Cranbrook liked Christmas a lot.

But the Grinch west of Cranbrook did not.

And I think that by now we might know the reason
The Grinch hated Christmas and the whole Christmas Season

Was it the presents and packages tied up with bows?
Was it the singing? The food? Or do we really know?

The Grinch found a truck that was loaded with presents
He hid all the items… does that make any sense?

Then along comes our hero, the four-legged kind
No, not Max with his antler, but Denim, our new mastermind.

Now if you recall from several years ago
Denim located travellers bound for San Francisco

This time like the other Denim would not be denied
He searched, and he scoured the whole countryside.

The trail that he followed led him to gold
Loads and loads of packages meant to be sold.

It took him two days to find all the boxes
(He may have been sidetracked by a couple of foxes).

But find them he did, our hero named Denim
Now returning the packages will be done in the interim.

The Grinch was located and spent time in jail
Until poor little Max could come up with his bail.

Once again, this Christmas season Denim came and saved the day
Now the packages are being delivered, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

So, when opening your presents wrapped nicely under the tree
Think of Denim and his handler, who saved Christmas merrily!

Happy Holiday Season from the Cranbrook RCMP!

PS: If you think you are missing a package please contact the delivery company before contacting the RCMP. Thanks!

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