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Get To Know Nelson's Council Candidates

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
October 14th, 2018

There’s only a few more sleeps before voters go to the polls in the upcoming municipal election in Nelson.

The Nelson Daily has opened the door for council candidates to pitch voters with their respective platforms in the lead up the October 20th vote.

In this installment, Leslie Payne, Cal Renwick and Laureen Barker explain why voters should mark an “X” beside their names when they enter the voting booth Saturday at Central School.

Other candidates on the ballot include, Bob Adams, Brittny Anderson, Robin Cherbo, Travis Hauck, Michelle Hillaby, Charles Jeanes, Robbie Kalabis, Rik Logtenberg, Janice Morrison, Keith Page, Joseph Reiner, Rob Richichi, Brian Shields, Margaret Stacey, Stephanie Wiggins and Jesse Woodward.

Leslie Payne

I was born and raised in a small town.  When I was 17, I travelled to Europe as a Rotary Exchange student. Since then, I’ve lived in three countries, four large cities and a number of small towns. The early years of my career were in sales and marketing, selling to Fortune 100 companies across Canada for a leading software company.  

As I entered my third pregnancy, I dove into full time motherhood with the same passion and energy that I had devoted to my career and became “Social Capital”.  President of the local preschool, board member of the Social Justice Film Festival, event organizer and committed member of the largest female volunteer organization in the world, Girl Guides, were all opportunities for contribution and personal development.

For ten years, I was a low-income single mother of four daughters, honing the fine art of listening and negotiation.  Managing two small retail business allowed me put my business background to work.

Seven years ago, our family came to Nelson on vacation and very quickly became convinced that this was where we belonged. Since we moved here with a few prized possessions, we have lived in Fairview, Rosemont and now own a co-generational home in Lower Uphill.

I’ve grown to love this enchanting place more each year.

Over a lifetime as a community connector, I have developed the skills and experience necessary to contribute to the team that is making strategic decisions for our city to grow and thrive as the world changes around us.  I am an engaged listener. I am excited to collaborate around a diverse range of ideas and opinions to develop creative solutions. And I love Nelson.

Clean water for now and the future; facilitating the creation of affordable housing; opportunities for every citizen to feel heard and engaged especially youth and ensuring the continued economic viability of one of the areas key agricultural products are my priorities.

Ask “What’s Possible?” not “What’s wrong?”  (Wheatley, 20002, pg 166)

Cal Renwick

I was born and raised in this amazing community of Nelson. My family owned and operated a local business (Nelson Toyota) and I grew up knowing that I lived in a special place. 

My father loved Nelson so much that he ran and was elected to Nelson city council for two terms. That same civic pride runs through my blood. 

I love the diversity of this community: the arts scene and the vitality it brings to Nelson; the entrepreneurial spirit that gives us four microbreweries (I was an owner of NBC for 15+years); the eclectic mix of cultures and people; so many great choirs, theatre groups, art galleries, theatres, and our very own museum; we can also boast that we have some of the most talented athletes, and the facilities and coaches to train them. 

My wife and I raised our two children here in Nelson. This small town offered exposure to big city activities. I am fortunate to have both my children and four grandchildren live here in Nelson.

I want to see Nelson continue to grow so that my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren will be able to live here if they choose. I want them to have the civic pride that I have and that I saw in my father. I want Nelson to continue to be unique in its fabric, but with the vision of a healthy economy, a sound infrastructure, and the same safe community that I sought for my family.

Laureen Barker

My related experience: I sit on the Board of Nelson and District Credit Union where I chair the Governance Committee.  I am a Director on the Kootenay Career Development Society board.  I have previously sat on the following City of Nelson Committees: Cultural Development Committee, Heritage Committee and Housing Committee.  I have worked on various volunteer committees and boards for the past 35 years. Before moving to the Kootenays I worked for BC Hydro Gas Division in the Planning Department as a Residential Service Planner.

It seems like a logical next step for me; I have owned and operated a retail business on Baker Street for the past 13 years in partnership with my husband Vern.  I know how important it is to listen to one’s customers.  In the context of being a Councilor for Nelson City I would extend this to mean that it is important for me to listen to constituents and also for the City to develop and maintain open dialogue with citizens. I believe it is important to be collaborative and reach out to other organizations and levels of government to keep this city the best place to live, work, play, dine, shop

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