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Get To Know Nelson's Council Candidates

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
October 9th, 2018

The Nelson Daily understands the difficulty facing voters to learn more about each of the candidates on the ballot for Nelson City Council.

Leading up to the October 20 municipal election, The Nelson Daily has asked each candidate to explain why they should be one of the six councillors assigned with the task to lead Nelson for the next four years.

Today, The Nelson Daily readers hear from Margaret Stacey, Brian Shields and Janice Morrison.

Other candidates on the ballot include, Robin Cherbo, Michelle Hillaby,  Charles Jeanes, Bob Adams, Brittny Anderson, Laureen Baker, Robbie Kalabis, Rik Logtenberg, Keith Page, Leslie Payne, Joseph Reiner, Cal Renwick, Travis Hauck, Jesse Woodward, Rob Richchi and Stephanie Wiggins.

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Margaret Stacey

It was my privilege to serve for two Council terms from 2005 to 2011 after I retired from the Capitol Theatre management for 17 years.

That period was pivotal for the City of Nelson with so many new things launched, and a great deal of strategic planning that had rarely been done before: the Official Community Plan, the Path to 2040 sustainability plan, the long needed infrastructure upgrade, the hydro and power upgrades, many overdue bylaw revisions, broadband and technical innovation, geothermal upgrades, Rail town and Hall street planning, resolution of the civic centre venues, waste planning reconfiguration with the RDCK, parks like Davies Street and Art Gibbons, new housing projects and social planning defined, emergency planning, the Cultural Development Committee, the NDCC upgrade with the RDCK, a long-term financial plan, an effective state-of-the-art hospital emergency department through our regional cooperation, and a whole host of other things. It was a big overhaul. Subsequent councils have stayed the course of these plans.

Our city has been called a “lighthouse” – a place that is far more visionary and proactive than most, including very large cities and many countries. We have a population that is dynamic, and I’m so pleased to note, has an unusually large younger demographic with leadership and tenacity across all sectors; I look forward to engaging with them as an elected representative.

I was there for the incubation and birth of these huge initiatives; I can provide a breadth of experience to support and collaborate with the newest visionaries that have come forward as well as the seasoned ones; I am a team player for the sustainability of this community, which never ceases to amaze me.

I haven’t kept a blog since 2011, but in re-reading my posts from my two terms on Council, it is interesting to see how we as citizens continue to want the same key things: a city that functions well, a community that is engaged, and a growing sense of abundance and hope across all sectors. These themes continue to excite and inspire me. I invite you to read my earlier posts, which tell some of the story of Nelson’s development during my previous terms.

Brian Shields

Local government is in my blood, and after decades working for municipal governments across BC, I finished my career here in Nelson as the Manager of Operations in 2010.

Since retiring, I’ve got to spend my time exploring the region, and engaging in some artistic pursuits. I do graphic design as a hobby, and I’m a huge music fan and musician. I’ve sang with some local groups and choruses, and the level of talent and diversity in this small city never fails to amaze me!

It’s that diversity that is driving me to run for Council. This is such a unique place, and what makes it special is the broad range of people and perspectives.

I’ve got a long background in running city operations, so I think I can bring a realistic and experienced viewpoint to the council table when it comes to delivering those basic services that citizens expect.

Over the past few years, I’ve been seeing the City moving in the wrong direction on so many different fronts that I felt I had to put my name back in the hat for a seat at the Council table. There’s a great team running with CORE, and with our diverse views, I think we’ll be able to get Nelson back on track and working for everyone in the city.

Janice Morrison

I am a passionate community advocate fortunate enough to have called Nelson “home” for nearly 30 years.  My ties to Nelson run deep with family living here since the 1920’s.  My partner, Mike Bonderoff, was born in Nelson and together we own Kastlerock Bed and Breakfast.

I am a physiotherapist at our local Kootenay Lake Hospital.  I have had the honour and pleasure during my career of caring for and helping many Nelson families in their times of illness and injury.

 As an engaged community advocate I have had exposure to many different facets of our diverse community that allows me to represent a broad cross section of Nelsonites. I have now served two previous terms as a city councillor and 4 years as director of the RDCK recreation commission. My community involvements outside of my terms on city council have included: the Nelson Municipal Library board, Nelson Maple Leafs Hockey club director, Chair of the KLH Foundation and President of the Nelson and Area Chamber of Commerce. I have been a member of the Rotary Club of Nelson for 27 years.

I am seeking re- election because Nelson is my home:  I want to facilitate healthy, positive and sustainable growth.  We live in a beautiful city with a rich heritage and international reputation as a great place to live, work and recreate.  As a civic leader I believe we have a responsibility to protect and enhance these assets for future generations. Supporting current business and attracting new employers will expand the tax base and improve employment opportunities. Cultural, leisure and sport resources need to be further developed as a means of ensuring Nelson becomes a destination for all people and a healthy place to live.  

We need to maintain a collaborative working relationship with the RDCK. As a community filled with engaged citizens, we can create a vision of continued resilience and sustainability for Nelson.

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