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The Capitol Theatre has a new HAT

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
October 30th, 2018

In a media release, the Capitol Theatre in Nelson announced the successful installation of Hearing Assistive Technology.

The Capitol Theatre said Auris Hearing Loop amplifier system has been installed, which allows those with a hearing device to customize their sound, allowing everyone get the best experience at every performance at the Capitol Theatre.

“Thanks to the generous donations from June Price, Bertha Smith and funding from the Government of Canada New Horizon’s for Seniors Program, the theatre’s entire centre section – including the upper mezzanine – is now within range of the new T-COIL Hearing Loop System,” the media release said.

“This means that patrons with a T-Coil hearing aid can connect wirelessly and discreetly to the in-house sound system to adjust the volume, eliminate background noise, and avoid unwanted acoustic issues.”

Hearing Assistive Technology converts an audio signal into a magnetic signal, delivered via thin cable or copper foil that has been installed under the floor of the Capitol Theatre.

The system encompasses the entire centre section of the house seats, including the mezzanine (upper area).

The transmitted signal is received in the recipients own hearing aids when they switch on the ’Tele-Coils’ (or ’T-Coil’), which converts the magnetic signal back into a crystal clear audio signal.

“In addition to this in-house loop installation, The Capitol is looking into investing in a few RxTi portable loop receivers,” the release said.

“This would allow a patron without hearing devices to access the loop support; we provide the receiver device, the patron provides the earbuds/headphones and simply plugs them into the receiver and adjusts the volume.”

The theatre can provide patrons with a hand out containing basic information about the system, however there are many scenarios involving hearing loss and the devices that are used to assist people. The best place to learn more about your personal hearing device and its compatibility with a hearing loop system is with your audiologist.

More info can also be found online at

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