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Letter: I'll find fourth option

Letters to the editor
By Letters to the editor
September 4th, 2018

To The Editor:

A federal election looms in 2019. One year can make a huge difference,  I know, yet I’m close to one-hundred-percent sure I cannot cast a ballot for one of the three major parties.

Liberals failed to come close to our expectations when Justin got elected. He has shown himself a miserable lightweight, a poseur who knows how to project attractive imagery. He delivered thin substance after trumpeting progressivist promise. Trudeau told a (Texas) audience Canada must “develop” petro-resources, that any nation so blessed would tap Alberta’s abundance — tens of billions of barrels of fossil fuels: his deepest mind revealed.

Conservatives are still Harperites, just sneakier about it. Harper was a Alberta-made nightmare; to defeat his worldview, for no other reason, I joined the federal Liberals, electing Justin to party leadership (April, 2013). I achieved my minimal goal; Harper is gone, defeated by the man I knew would do it.

The NDP have lost their compass; they used to be Socialists. They cannot speak socialism, for that would lose votes from Canada’s mediocrities. Ruling-class puppeteers have brainwashed our mediocrities against socialism. NDP response is “go middle” by jettisoning principles. I support a party which loses elections but is right on substantive issues and tells truth.

Capitalist consciousness imprisons Trudeau’s mind. He lied about balancing economy with environment to gain office. Power was the goal; he has it. His reforms are few, superficial, feeble, underwhelming.

These election prospects are dismal. I’ll find a fourth option.

Charles Jeanes, Nelson, BC

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