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Trafalgar student published in Young Writers of Canada anthology

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
June 25th, 2018

Before jumping into the summer time fun pool, Trafalgar student Che Steffler received some amazing news.

The Grade 8 student had his poem ‘The Great River’ published in the Young Writers of Canada anthology, Catch the Whispers!

Steffler originally wrote the poem in Grade 6 but took time to polish it before submitting it to this national youth writing contest.  

Steffler, who is super enthusiastic about the outdoors, enjoys skiing, climbing, parkour and everything outdoor and nature related.

The 13-year-old shares a love for nature with his father, Peter, who is an arborist.

Steffler wrote the initial poem in Cam Lytle’s Grade six class as a project of group of poems each student wrote, but this one stood out.

When the opportunity arose to enter the Young Writers contest, Steffler wanted to update the poem before submitting it. 

Che, the son of Iris and Peter Steffler, is currently a flight corporal shortly heading off with Air Cadets to Sports Camp for three weeks in Vernon.   

Photo Caption: Trafalgar Grade 8 student, Che Steffler stands with the Young Writers of Canada anthology publication. — Photo courtesy Trafalgar Middle School

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