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Sandon part of True North Paranormal filming

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June 22nd, 2018

Thunder Boyz Productions Inc. (TBPI) is proud to announce filming a two-part episode of True North Paranormal at the ghost towns of Sandon and Cody, BC. The two ghost towns are steeped in amazing history connected to the booming silver mining days of the late 1800’s, early 1900’s.

However, typical of early settlement towns in those wild west days they were filled with fires, wrong-doings, brothels and so much more. This creates the perfect backdrop for present day paranormal activity that caught the eyes of Thunder Boyz Productions Inc. and their new TV show True North Paranormal.

“We have spoken to a paranormal team out of Spokane who has investigated there already and they stated the activity in Sandon is off the charts”, stated Jon Kozuska Co-Host of True North Paranormal. “I presently live in the area and have always been intrigued with Sandon and Cody, it’s a dream come true to investigate there for four full-days”, further stated Sarah James Medium for True North Paranormal.

Presently, the show has filmed its first two episodes at the Vernon Powerhouse Theatre and the Caetani House (another heritage building located in Vernon, BC). Additionally, an episode is slated for the end of July in Merritt, BC at the Baillie House heritage home. Producer of True North Paranormal Dean Trumbley states, “It is very exciting to be filming at Sandon and Cody, BC. Growing up in B.C. we were taught about the gold rush and silver mining era, so to be filming there is like stepping out of the classroom as a child and seeing first-hand the foundation of British Columbia as we now know it”.

Filming is slated for four-days on June 23-26, 2018 including three through-the-night paranormal investigation. Interviews and filming will also occur in other areas to support the production of the episodes. True North Paranormal and Thunder Boyz Productions Inc. is committed to bringing the first Canadian paranormal team to television networks near you.

For more information on TBPI go to or True North Paranormal and follow TNP on Facebook at

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