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Letter: Regarding Retallack & Yaqan Nukiy Backcountry Proposal

Letters to the editor
By Letters to the editor
May 8th, 2018

To The Editor:

I would like to respond to this proposal for recreational use of a large area of wilderness, south of the Purcell Wilderness Area. 

The impacts of this proposal need to be carefully considered.  Our Crown land is a Public Trust that requires care and respect for all living things and future generations as well. This proposal would see extreme mountain bikers transported with their bikes to mountaintops, so they can tear through the alpine areas on their way down, and be helicoptered back again. 

A helicopter pad in Crawford Bay would see, and hear, many flights to a backcountry lodge and cabin, winter and summer.  All of this activity would only benefit those who can afford to pay and play for their thrills and adrenalin rushes. 

All our relations, such as grizzly bear, mountain goat, caribou, wolverine, birds, plants, fungi, and local people, are asked to take a back seat to the interest of a few.  I dont call this a wise use of our Public Trust.  Some of the flora and fauna of our unique Interior Wetbelt are already stressed to the point of extinction.  Both need enough wilderness to regenerate and survive, and we are the only ones who can grant them that space. 

Please check for more information, and let your government know your thoughts before the deadline of June 13th.

Linda Morris, Creston, BC 

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