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FortisBC takes to streets to help small business

By Contributor
May 11th, 2018

Small businesses in downtown centres throughout the Interior will get a visit over the coming weeks from a FortisBC Community Ambassador who will help them find ways to save energy and dollars in their businesses.

These visits are part of the FortisBC Small Business Engagement initiative. Initial visits provide businesses with basic energy-efficiency advice and information about rebates that can help them conserve natural gas and electricity, reduce their energy costs and enhance the comfort of their business space.

Businesses can also sign up for a complimentary, in depth energy evaluation from a FortisBC Technical Advisor. This is a unique opportunity for owners and managers to get one-on-one advice specific to their businesses from an energy expert. From this meeting, they will have the knowledge and tools to develop a practical plan for long-term energy savings and find out how to access rebate programs that help reduce the cost of choosing high-efficiency equipment.

Participants will also receive a complimentary energy-saving item — restaurants will receive a high-efficiency pre-rinse spray valve for dishwashing and other businesses will receive a free smart power strip. High-efficiency spray valves help reduce water heating expenses and overall water use. The smart power strips help manage and reduce the electricity electronic devices use while they are in standby mode. These represent just two ways small businesses can save energy in easy and novel ways.

Although FortisBC plans to visit five communities, any FortisBC small business customer is welcome to participate, even if they are located outside of these communities. 

The visits are planned for:

  • Nelson ​- May 14-16
  • Osoyoos – ​May 22-25
  • Castlegar – ​May 30-31
  • Creston ​- June 11-14
  • Vernon ​- June 13-15

Photo Caption: The City of Nelson is first on the small business tour from May 14-16. — Submitted

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