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Teachers learn tools to incorporate aboriginal content into classroom

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
April 20th, 2018

Educators in Kootenay Lake School District were given more tools to incorporate Aboriginal content into all subject areas in the classroom during a Professional Development workshop Monday at Redfish Elementary School.

The new curriculum is part of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission federal initiative the provincial government is introducing into the education system.

“(This initiative includes) the call to “integrate Indigenous Knowledge and teaching methods into classrooms” and “build student capacity for intercultural understanding, empathy and mutual respect,” said instructor Kathryn McCooeye.

McCooyee is with Four Nations Coalition of Indigenous Medicines, a social enterprise that operates outdoor cultural education and wellness programs for children, youth and adults from its base in the Slocan Valley.

The workshop, coordinated by Redfish Elementary School Principal Janene Bate Stein, was an outdoor event, with a focus for educators on indigenising class plans and classrooms.

McCooeye, who praised the efforts of Bate Stein to help implement the project of Reconciliation in the educational system, said reconciliation seems to be a topic that is on some people's minds in Canada these days.

“The day of outdoor learning day for culturally relevant was land-based teaching and learn how to indigenize your class plans and classroom,” she said.

“Learn how to use the Medicine Wheel as a template to help ensure that Indigenous Worldview and Perspectives are reflected in all aspects of your teaching."

McCooeye said participants also explored Core Competencies and how they are embedded in our Traditional Indigenous pedagogy; as well as how to embed them into your classroom and teaching practice.

Redfish is the steward of a new outdoor classroom. Owned by the provincial governments on provincial property on provincial land, the parking lot to the fish ladders.

Grand opening will be announced as the roof is completed.

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