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Ridge Meadows Traffic Unit impound car travelling double posted speed limit

By Contributor
March 26th, 2018

Ridge Meadows RCMP are again reminding drivers that speeding will result in significant fines and consequences.

This latest reminder comes after the Ridge Meadows Traffic Unit was performing routine patrols in the area of Golden Ears Way and 113B when they noted a driver travelling at more than 90 km/p/hr over the posted speed limit of 70 km/p/hr on Sunday, March 25th. 

“Some drivers still feel that they can get away with operating a vehicle at these dangerous speeds,”said Inspector Aaron Paradis. 

“The decision to drive in this manner is inexcusable and can result in significant consequences, either to the driver themselves or, tragically, to others.” 

The vehicle was stopped and the driver was served a violation ticket of $483 for excessive speeding. 

The vehicle was immediately impounded for a minimum of seven days and the driver may be subject to a Driver Risk Premium of $320 per year for three years. 

Additionally, the driver was warned about the possibility of a Criminal Code “Dangerous Driving” charge.  This incident is the highest speed caught on this stretch of road this year.


  • Dec 14, 2017, RoadSafetyBC’s 15 day Prohibition Program is replaced with new legislation
  • A new RoadSafetyBC High Risk Driving Incident Report (HRDIR) is introduced
  • Section 93 of the Motor Vehicle Act gives the Superintended of Motor Vehicles authority to prohibit high risk drivers for minimum 3 month driving ban

Fines and consequences

  • In all cases of excessive speeding the High Risk Driving Incident Report may be submitted to the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles for further action
  • 40km to 59km p/hr over the posted limit; $368 fine, 3 penalty points and an immediate 7 day vehicle impoundment
  • More than 60km p/hr over the posted speed limit; $483 fine, 3 penalty points and an immediate 7 day vehicle impoundment
  • Second offence; fines and consequences above plus a 30 day immediate vehicle impoundment
  • Any subsequent offenses; fines and consequences above plus a 60 day immediate vehicle impoundment

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