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Be Part of the Nelson Youth Arts Action Committee

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November 17th, 2017

Calling all youth ages 12-18 years old.

If you are interested in any type of arts, whether it be painting, theatre, dance, poetry etc. come on down to the Nelson & District Youth Centre to share your ideas with your peers and brainstorm an arts related project you want to make happen in Nelson.  This first meeting, happening Nov. 30th from 4-7PM will be a chance to eat pizza, connect and start the planning process!

The Nelson Youth Arts Action Committee (NYAAC) project is a collaboration between the Nelson and District Arts Council, the Nelson Youth Action Network (NYAN) and Touchstones Museum of Art and History. This Committee will be an opportunity for youth to actively participate in the Nelson arts community by presenting an event or project that serves to showcase young artists and to encourage other youth to engage in the arts. It will provide a platform to advocate and make visibile young and emerging artists.

The hope is that this will empower Nelson’s artists of the future and also help to develop future audiences by connecting local youth with mentors and peers.  The nature of this activity/event/opportunity will be decided and driven by the youth committee members and will be sustained through their own revenue (grants, ticketed events, etcetera). NDAC will act as an umbrella for the committee and will manage the financials. Along with NYAN and Touchstones, they will help provide mentorship opportunities for the Committee members.

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