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'What is the City doing to conserve water?'

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
August 8th, 2017

City of Nelson staff want to reassure residents that during this recent heatwave Municipal Services are doing their part to conserve water.

Manager of Municipal Services Chris Gainham said staff is frequently asked: What is the City doing to conserve water?”

Gainham responded to the questions as well as provided how staff keep many of the outdoor facilities green within the city:

  • Some of the largest parks and public spaces in Nelson, including Lakeside Park, Lakeside Sport Fields and Davies Street Park are irrigated using non-potable water.
  • The City cemetery in Uphill is irrigated using non-potable groundwater from a well dedicated to this purpose.
  • Flower beds and hanging baskets are hand-watered to ensure just the right amount of water is used and not wasted.
  • City flusher and sweeper trucks used to clean streets and suppress dust use non-potable water.

The hot, dry weather prompted City staff to implement Level 2 Water Restriction.

Level 2 water restrictions are:

  • watering with a sprinkler or irrigation system is permitted only once per week. 
  • If you live at an even # address you water ONLY on Wednesday 4– 9 a.m and 7-10 p.m
  • If you live at an odd # address you water ONLY on Thursday 4– 9 a.m and 7-10 p.m

City staff said watering new sod outside of the permitted times is prohibited.

However, there are no restrictions with respect to hand watering vegetation and vehicles if the public use a hand-held container or hose with a shut-off nozzle.

For full details on the Level 2 Water Restrictions visit:

For more information on Water Conservation visit:

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