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Letter: No 'second chance' here

Letters to the editor
By Letters to the editor
June 5th, 2017

 To The Editor:

I looked at TD Bank’s promo page on the internet – “Enriching Lives, Environmental Leader, Strengthening Communities”.  

What they did notmention is that they are underwriting one of the largest environmentalcarbon bombs Canada could be involved with. Kinder Morgan are about toissue shares this week to fund their $1.7 Billion pipeline expansionproject, to enable the world access to tar sands bitumen.

One accident will destroy the Fraser River, the Vancouver Harbour, or possibly theentire Salish Sea – formerly Gulf of Georgia! 

“Dil-bit”, dilutedbitumen cannot be “cleaned up” – ever.

For a few dollars Kinder Morgan, TD and Royal banks will play Russian
Roulette with our province, with all six chambers loaded.  There will be no “second chance”.

This corporate behaviour is not acceptable.  

Ourplanet is not “just money”. It is about personal and corporate responsibility, and by “incorporating”, by its very  nature, companiesentirely avoid any responsibility by owners or directors – not a greatstart.

Climate change is driven by fossil fuels, and we are about in vastly
increase that?

Governments in BC and Canada ignore these facts. Where is the “leadership” we need and voted for?  Why are they talking about CO2 and methane reductions and approving fossil fuel expansions?

This “public share offering” will make TD and Royal millions, and take one more step in the wrong direction.  

Do NOT support this financing!

Roger Bryenton, Vancouver

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