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Mallard's Team of the Week — Nelson Neptunes Swim Club

The Nelson Daily Sports
By The Nelson Daily Sports
August 10th, 2016

Good things do come in small packages.

The Nelson Neptunes did not let numbers get in their way as the Heritage City Swim Club came out on top and finished the Kootenay Summer Swim Association season in first place.

The overall team was calculated by taking overall points and dividing it by number of swimmers who attended the meet, and Neptunes edged out second-place Kimberley and third-place Castlegar.

Mallard’s Source for sports would like to add to the celebration by selecting the Neptunes Team of the Week.

The team includes, Locke Finley, Matthew Holitzki (Jr. Assistant Coach), Cynthia Pfeiffer (Head Coach), Madeline Holitzki, Laurel Nixon, Leah Eberle, Olivia Cowan, Joanna Blishen, Elissa Centrone, Evan Chouinard, Kallie Badry, Keira Badry, Morgan Robertson-Weir, Lachlan Bibby-Fox, Imogen Cowan, Enna Cowan, Hannah Malenfant, Ella Chouinard, Jaylen Rushton and Chloe Malenfan.

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