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Local firefighters receive HazMat Technician training

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
June 2nd, 2016

The men dressed in the funny yellow and blue suits at the Nelson Fire Hall are part of the HazMat Technician course hosted this week by Nelson Fire Rescue Services, in conjuction with the Justice Institute of B.C.

The students, all experienced specialist members of fire departments and heavy industry from around the West Kootenays, are taking the course to learn how to not only identify hazardous materials involved in incidents and to protect citizens from the effects of their release, but also to minimize those releases and in many cases to actually stop them altogether. 

From acids to bases, fuels to explosives, solids to liquids to gases, the students have been learning to safely test for various dangerous materials and to counteract their negative effects.

The course concluds Friday (June 3) with exams and practical application hands on testing at Selkirk College’s Rosemont campus.

The public is invited to come out to the Rosemont campus to observe the practical tests, Friday afternoon.

For details, contact the Nelson fire hall anytime after 9 a.m., at 250-352-3103, or via




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