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Letter: Nelson Shore residents strangely quiet on proposed move of Balfour Ferry Terminal

Letters to the editor
By Letters to the editor
June 27th, 2016

To The Editor:

I find it very disconcerting to notice that the residents of Nelson and particularly the North Shore are being so silent on the proposed ferry landing move to Queens Bay. 

They may only be looking at the study that has been published which shows there to be quite a cost savings if it is moved.  Unfortunately the study is very one sided and has excluded some huge costs that will bring the total cost of the move and the upgrade at Balfour to be very similar. 

If you think about the result of such a move where the ferry run would be shortened and with the cost of fuel today we would find that the highway through Nelson and up the North Shore would become a semi truck through route.

 The highway would be so congested with semi truck traffic that it would jam the highway and make it a nasty route for local traffic.

The Kootenay Pass (Salmo to Creston Highway) was built in part because the Nelson and North Shore infrastructure is not built to handle such traffic.
It is time for Nelson and the North Shore to speak up against the move.  We have until July 6 for public input.  People need to write letters to the Premier, Minister of Transportation, their MLA and any other person of influence that they can think of.
I do not want to live on a semi truck through fair, does anyone?
Jill Stevens

Nelson, BC

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