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Denny Morrison hospitalized in Salt Lake City

By Contributor
April 24th, 2016

Four-time Long Track Speed Skating Olympic medalist Denny Morrison of Fort St. John, B.C., has been hospitalized in Salt Lake City after he suffered a cerebrovascular accident, Saturday afternoon, April 23.
Morrison completed a month of bike touring on the Arizona Trail and was spending some free time in the Salt Lake City area to conclude his trip.

However, Saturday afternoon, Josie Spence, a member of the Long Track National Team who was travelling with him and who is a certified lifeguard, noticed some signs of a cerebrovascular accident in Denny Morrison and immediately drove him to a nearby hospital and contacted Speed Skating Canada’s Long Track National Team medical staff.

During his transportation to a second hospital, Denny Morrison showed improvement in his symptoms. A computerized tomography (CT Scan) and a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) test confirmed a brain blood clot and a carotid artery dissection. No surgery was required and no blood thinners are being used.

“The doctor suggested that I recovered quickly because I am a very healthy young person”, said Denny Morrison.

“I would like to thank everyone for their messages of support, and especially Josie who is with me and who was able to recognize the signs quickly.”
Speed Skating Canada’s Long Track National Team medical staff is in communication with Denny Morrison’s doctor in Salt Lake City and is closely following the situation.

At this time, Denny Morrison’s return to Canada is still to be determined. Speed Skating Canada will share updates, if any.

Denny Morrison has won four career Olympic medals, including one gold (2010) and one silver (2006) in the team pursuit event. In 2014 in Sochi, he won the silver medal in the 1000m event and the bronze in the 1500m race. Following a serious motorcycle accident, Denny Morrison only took part in the last competition of the season of 2015-2016.

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