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Letter: Should Nelson Residents be concerned?

Letters to the editor
By Letters to the editor
March 6th, 2016

To The Editor:
Nelson residents should be concerned that, by lobbying our leaders in support of the idea that our carbon dioxide emissions are causing dangerous climate change, groups like Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) are unwittingly helping prop up one of the most tragic circumstances ever.
Debate rages in the scientific community about the causes of climate change. Scientists cannot even agree whether warming or cooling lies ahead, let alone the degree to which we affect it.

Yet CCL and other campaigners assert that “the science is settled.”

We know with certainty, they claim, that our carbon dioxide emissions will cause a planetary emergency unless we radically change our ways. This is irrational. Uncertainty is inherent in all science, especially one as complex and immature as climate science.
Instead of concentrating on helping people adapt to real climate change today, climate activists like CCL focus on mitigation, trying to avert hypothetical climate problems that may, or may not, someday happen.

This is resulting in only 6% of the more than $1 billion per day spent on climate finance across the world being dedicated to adaptation. The rest goes to mitigation.
One of the reasons for this is clear. Mitigation projects are far more attractive to players who have motivations other than environmental protection or helping the poor: energy companies, environmental groups and carbon traders trying to maximize revenue, etc.
People from across the political spectrum must recognize that allocating more importance to the possible problems of people yet to be born than to the issues faced by those suffering today is immoral.
Tom Harris, B. Eng., M. Eng. (Mech.)
Executive Director
International Climate Science Coalition (ICSC)
28 Tiverton Dr.
Ottawa, Ontario  K2E 6L5

Editors Note: Harris added ICSC is not right wing (our participants come from across the political spectrum), is not funded by ‘big oil,’ and are not lobbyists or ‘shills’ for industry of any short.  I have never worked as a PR rep for any company or sector. Since 2008, all donations to help ICSC cover its operating costs have been completely confidential to protect donors from the aggressive attacks of climate activists. Accusations about ICSC funding sources therefore have no basis in fact.

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