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Paris terrorist attack ripples across the Atlantic to Nelson BC

Brendan Quinn
By Brendan Quinn
November 18th, 2015

While people around the world are still reeling from the recent terror attacks in Paris and Beirut, the question many locals are asking is: What can we do to help?

For the residents of a small town like Nelson that is tucked away in the mountains, it’s easy for us to feel removed from the situation.

Are there ways for Nelson residents to assist and show support for the victims of terror not just in Paris, but also across the world?

Nelson Mayor Deb Kozak told The Nelson Daily on Monday that while there are no solid plans as of yet, the situation will surely be a major topic for the council meeting Monday afternoon.

“All of us are in a state of shock right now. It’s important that people are aware of not only the attacks in Paris, but in Beirut as well,” Kozak said.

“We have a council meeting (Monday) where the public can voice their concerns. Hopefully we will be able to do something, even at the very least set a moment of silence or some other tribute for the victims of these terror attacks,” she said.

Although Nelson may be geographically distant from these tragedies, for some members of our community, the attacks hit close to home.

Lyne Chartier is the Executive Director of the West Kootenays Francophone Association (AFKO).

In an email sent Monday, Chartier said how the French population of Nelson and the surrounding area are dealing with the events of last week.

“Many members of the (AFKO) were touched by what happened last Friday in Paris,” Chartier explained.

“Many of us have friends and family over there.I personally heard many stories of what happened to their relatives that day. Our hearts feel for everyone to support what this day will have left on them.”

Chartier continued by explaining that while the events in Paris may hit closer to home, it’s important for us to not gloss over similar attacks in countries like Lebanon.

“Unfortunately, many other attacks happened as well in many different part of the world, AFKO also feels for all the people involved,” she said.

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