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NDP leader makes campaign stop in Cranbrook

By Contributor
September 16th, 2015

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair made a campaign stop in Cranbrook Monday to focus on help for Canadians living with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia and their families.

Mulcair’s plans were unveiled more details of his comprehensive plan to advance health care while undoing decades of Conservative and Liberal cuts.
“Stephen Harper has left important health issues like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease without resources or leadership, just as the number of Canadians living with the conditions is expected to double,” said Mulcair.

“Our vision for health care, where you need it, when you need it, includes a major effort to lower the impact of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia on Canadians and their families.”
An NDP government will work with provinces and territories, and invest $40 million to create a national Alzheimer’s and Dementia Strategy that will:

  • Support screening, early diagnosis and treatment to help slow progression of the conditions;
  • Improve resources for newly diagnosed patients and their families to access needed care;
  • Fund additional Alzheimer’s and dementia research, ensuring that activities are being coordinated to maximize resources and results.

 “To ensure the effectiveness of our national strategy, we will create the Canadian Alzheimer’s and Dementia Partnership,” said Mulcair.

“This will bring governments, researchers, the Alzheimer Society and others together to maximize support for patients and families, while reversing the damage of Stephen Harper’s lost decade.”
Mulcair will continue to announce his bold public health care strategy for Canadians in the coming days.

The NDP will also release a full costing prior to Thursday’s debate and is calling on Stephen Harper and Justin Trudeau to do the same.

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