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Nelson Hydro power outage update

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
July 4th, 2015

Lake Street at Queen’s Bay and Mt. Nelson service to towers are two areas still without power as Nelson Hydro scrambles to restore service following Monday’s thunderstorm said manager Alex Love.

Love said Queen’s Bay is scheduled for restoration work tomorrow (Saturday) while the Mt Nelson area is scheduled for assessment and pre work Friday into the evening and restoration work Saturday.

“This is a site that is difficult access and will be using a four-man Power Line Tech Crew composed of Nelson Hydro and Contract individuals,” Love explained.

Love said some individual customer are being reconnected once the homeowner repairs are completed.

“We have a crew working this evening and will be working again tomorrow to deal with these as they come up,” he said.
“We have had up to six extra contractor crews working with the Nelson Hydro staff to effect the repairs and these people have been going steady since Monday evening.”
Love said there are about 25 customers without power and probably by end of this evening that number will be down to around 15 and by sometime tomorrow that number should be down to zero.

“Likely over the course of the next week or so additional calls will come in from people who have been away and return home to discover their power is off – say due to a tree in their own yard,” Love explained.

“We will deal with those calls as they come up.”

For residents still without power, Nelson Hydro is asking customers to contact the Outage line (1 877 324-9376) for a status update and if needed press “2” to speak to an operator.

“We realize that some of our customers will have been without power up to four-and-half-days,” Love said.

“While restoring power we focus our efforts first on immediately dangerous situations and then on restoring the most customers . . ..”

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