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NDP candidate Wayne Stetski joins rest of riding in speaking out against Bill C51

By Contributor
April 19th, 2015

In communities throughout Kootenay Columbia, citizens are speaking out against Bill C51, the Anti-Terrorism bill, but it does not appear that the current MP is listening, says NDP candidate Wayne Stetski.

 “The response to this bill, which many people call the Secret Police Bill, has been overwhelmingly negative,” said Stetski. “So many people have taken time out of their Saturday to attend events and collect petition signatures because they know the importance of standing up for our rights.”

Anti-C51 events were held in Revelstoke, Invermere, Cranbrook and Nelson, with protest signs, giant postcards, speeches and petitions.

“I spent the afternoon in Invermere where I had the opportunity to address canvassers before they headed out into the community. And a number of people drove down from Golden to participate.

“Reaction to this terrible legislation cuts across partisan and generational lines. The more people know about Bill C51, the more they dislike it.”

Bill C51 threatens the rights and freedoms of every citizen by giving CSIS sweeping new surveillance powers without proper oversight.  Canada’s Privacy Commissioner has stated that this law seriously degrades our privacy.

The NDP and other opposition parties submitted 111 recommendations for improving the Bill but the Harper Conservatives rejected every one of them.

“It is the responsibility of our Member of Parliament to speak up for our best interests, even when it is in opposition to what Stephen Harper tells him to do. On this issue, the current MP shows little interest in representing the people who live here.

“This is one of the reasons I am running to be the Member of Parliament for Kootenay Columbia. I will speak out loudly against any attempts to degrade the rights of the people I will represent.”

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