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Maglio Installations awarded Stores to Shores project bid

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
April 9th, 2015

Maglio Installations of Nelson has won the contract for the Stores to Shores Downtown Revitalization project.

The hotly-talked-about project that has been a focal point of Nelson City Council for the past year and was approved in February, will begin construction on the eight-month overhaul later this month.

Maglio Installations came in with a winning quote of $2.8 million ($2,785,366), which was within the Stores To Shores’ estimated budget.
“This is the first project of this scope and scale we’ve tackled in the downtown in over 30 years,” said Nelson Mayor Deb Kozak in a media release.
“And we can all see how important and successful Baker Street’s historic reclamation has been.

“We’re expecting the Stores to Shores project to create the same terrific long term benefits for Hall Street, the downtown — and Nelson’s reputation as a world-caliber place to live, invest and holiday.”
“Stores to Shores marks the beginning of an incredibly exciting new chapter in Nelson’s story,” Mayor Kozak adds.
Phase One of the project will include IODE Park to Lake Street, with work slated to begin later this month and estimated to end in November of 2015.
Mayor Kozak reiterated that the benefits of the Stores to Shores undertaking are two-fold.
Two-thirds of the work to be undertaken on Hall Street is already required as part of the City of Nelson’s on-going commitment to providing reliable water, sewer, electrical and fibre-optic infrastructure as well as the upkeep of safe roads, sidewalks and stairways.
Secondly, the project also speaks to the vital role Hall Street has played in Nelson – in decades past, today and well into the City’s future, The project implements several of the key goals of the Sustainable Waterfront and Downtown Master Plan by establishing strong pedestrian connections and smooth traffic flow between historic Baker Street and the city’s incomparable lakefront – Hall Street is the only direct route connecting these two extraordinary parts of town.
The project will transform Hall Street into a unique, vibrant boulevard, drawing residents and visitors alike to the city’s unique mix of shopping, dining and invaluable waterfront amenity.  Budget for the project will come from a combination of local and provincial government funding.
Mayor Kozak is also assuring businesses and residents on and around Hall Street that the City is committed to working with them to ensure customer traffic and access to their stores and homes is well-maintained throughout the construction period.

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