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Cranbrook's Tamarack Centre Mall leads charge against cigarette waste

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
April 1st, 2015

The Tamarack Centre Mall in Cranbrook is leading the charge to reduce harmful cigarette waste and create a healthier community by hosting Butt Out campaign Wednesday, April 8th.

Tamarack Centre hopes to see a positive impact on the environment and the Cranbrook community with the Butt Out campaign.

Items that people should be on the lookout for are: extinguished cigarettes, cigarette filters, inner foil packaging, and outer plastic packaging.

“With the Butt Out campaign, we hope to see the Cranbrook community come together and support us in cleaning up our environment,” said Linda Birch, Manager of Tamarack Centre.

“If everyone simply takes a few seconds out of their day to notice the litter and pick it up, it will make a huge difference.”

The Butt Out campaign asks community members to help reduce waste by collecting cigarette butts from their homes, offices, restaurants and places of business.
“It’s sad to see how wildlife can be attracted to foreign items like cigarette butts thinking it is food, especially when you consider the act of tossing the butt to the ground is 100% avoidable,” said Ken Johnson Head of Habitat Asset Management Ducks Unlimited Canada.

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