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BC trying to protect the residential home construction owner

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March 5th, 2015

An enhanced licensing system for residential builders in B.C. will lead to higher professional standards in the residential construction sector and help protect new homebuyers.

Under the Homeowner Protection Act regulations, the B.C. government is establishing new qualifications and continuing education requirements
for home builders constructing single-family homes and small residential buildings.

To obtain a new licence, applicants must demonstrate proficiency in seven areas related to residential construction including the British Columbia Building Code, construction management and customer relations.

The qualifications can be met through a combination of education and experience or equivalencies.

To renew their licence, all home builders will be required to take continuing professional development courses directly related to residential construction each year.

There will be no additional licensing fees for residential builders.

The enhanced licensing system will be phased in over the next 16 months to give the industry time to prepare for the new requirements.

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