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Coldest Night of the Year Walk a smash success; raises more than $39,000

Eva Brownstein
By Eva Brownstein
February 23rd, 2015

More than 300 people took to the streets for Nelson’s first “Coldest Night of the Year” event Saturday evening (February 21).

Organized by Nelson Cares Society, participants walked 2, 5, or 10 kilometers in a non-competitive walk to raise money for Room to Live campaign, a renewal project for Ward Street Place.

While the Care Society had hoped to meet their fundraising goal of $25000, their final fundraising tally reached $39,987.

While the goal of the evening was to raise such funds, the outcome was increased awareness of Nelson’s homeless population.

“Walking outdoors on the coldest night of the year allows people to experience walking in someone’s shoes who might have to sleep outdoors,” said Beth Seed, event coordinator.

“Homelessness is an issue everywhere but it feels like Nelson in particular has a shortage of sustainable, affordable housing. To get out of poverty you need housing.”

The money will go towards the construction of additional units in Ward Street Place, which provides sustainable, affordable housing for low-income singles and families.

The 317 participants came out to support the Nelson event as well as 63 cities across Canada which also participated in walks of their own on the February 21 date.

The walk aims to raise awareness and funds for the hungry, homeless, and hurting across Canada by supporting small scale projects, such as the “Room to Live” campaign, that address such issues in their communities.

After such a successful turnout Nelson Care Society plans to make the Coldest Night of the Year walk their signature annual event.

A Room to Live campaign seeks to rectify Nelson’s affordable housing crisis by providing much needed housing solutions.

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