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BCTF President calls upon Premier to meet and resolve dispute

By Contributor
September 1st, 2014

BCTF President Jim Iker is calling upon Premier Christy Clark to meet with him to help reach a fair settlement to the current strike/lockout before September 2.

Over the weekend in talks with Vince Ready, the BCTF trimmed its package by $125 million. By contrast the BC Public School Employers’ Association did not bring one penny to the table.

Furthermore, the government is demanding a court case escape clause, that would in effect nullify two class size and composition wins in the BC Supreme Court and any future decision in teachers’ favour.

“The BCPSEA didn’t get the job done this weekend. They weren’t prepared or authorized to make the moves necessary to get the deal done,” Iker said.

“Now it’s up to the Premier to step in and help get this deal done so that kids and teachers can get back to class.”

Iker spoke to the media today at BCTF Building in Vancouver.

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