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Sometimes new isn't always better — as in the case of the new Forestry fire danger warning sign

Letters to the editor
By Letters to the editor
August 1st, 2014

Editor, The Nelson Daily

Has the Forest Ministry fallen to the current bureaucratic craze? 

I point to the one evident in the City of Nelson and the Regional District which  to use consultants when the solution to a simple problem should be within the grasp of  any manager worth his salt – witness the recent kafuffel over space in the RDCK and the question of Christmas lighting in the City?

Of course, none of these efforts are at a cost to the bureaucrats but to the taxpayer. 

Now if the Forestry, City and RDCK employees passed the hat to pay the consultant then I guess I am trumped. Not likely!

Now the Forestry Ministry has replaced its old fire danger warning sign (Low, Moderate, High, Extreme) with a new one that looks like the product of a session  with an art consultant.   

A very fine sign probably costing a mint but with two glaring faults that negate its usefulness. 

First, coming towards Nelson there is no visible cautionary statement at all. 

Travelling away from Nelson the indication is so small as to be missed by a driver who had already been cautioned by ICBC not to be distracted. 

So, forest guys, what was wrong with the old sign?  

M. A. Rhodes
Nelson, BC

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